KG Office Design



KG Office Design offers many services that can be very beneficial to many companies.

Health and Safety Audits. KG Office Design can perform a simple one on one audit with staff and identify any perceived issues potentially occurring long term from incorrect posture, desk height, monitor height etc. These are then reported back to the organizations Human Resources that identifies whom is most at risk and solutions to rectify. Solutions can be a change of chair, correcting posture or simply desk adjustments. Identifying these issues early and taking steps to rectify them not only is beneficial to employee’s long term but also minimizes the company’s risk for those who simply refuse to change.

This service is non-intrusive and has a feel good effect with workers that they are being cared for and in some cases a platform to express dis-satisfaction and it can be beneficial to a healthy work environment if these symptoms are identified early.

Redesign. KG Office Design has on many occasions been called upon to redesign area layouts to accommodate additional staff. In one instance at the Manukau District Court the collections team was very full and there was a need to accommodate 8-10 additional members. This had seemed impossible in an already crowded area. KG Office Design was able to not only accommodate the additional desks but overall the feed back from staff was that they felt as though they had more room after the additional desks.