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Computer Ergonomic


CHORUS Smart ergonomic seating with classic EOS comfort. Chorus features significant lumbar and upper-back support, and a gently contoured seat. This high-comfort upholstery, its...

Chorus Arm Rests

Chorus Back

Chorus High Lift Foot Rest


CLOUD ERGO & MEDIA Contemporary corporate styling and optimum functionality are combined in this edgy mesh chair range. Cloud Ergo features a distinctive flex backrest that supports...

Cloud Meeting

Cloud Meeting Rear

Cloud Ergo Rear


GRAPHIC Mid-back version of the popular Spectrum ergonomic chair. Graphic features a mid-height backrest with defined lumbar and contoured seat to match Spectrum. It can be fitted with...

Graphic High Lift

Graphic 3

Graphic Vinyl


SWATCH Simple contemporary task seating for today's diverse workplace situations. Swatch offers sophisticated comfort and easy ergonomic adjustability, at a pricepoint. Its compact sizing...

Swatch High Lift

Swatch with Arm Rests

Swatch Smoke


TEMPO Fully upholstered ergonomic task seating with distinctive backrest shaping. Tempo features complex upholstery padding which provides unique upper back and side support and a great...

Tempo High Back

Tempo Arms

Tempo Back


CONTROL Fully-featured task chair for heavy-use and control room settings.   Control is a total-support chair designed for extensive-use and multiple user situations. Featuring full...

Control Rear


Spectrum offers the optimum in ergonomic adjustability and customised comfort. Spectrum’s distinctive backrest features a powerful lumbar area. The contoured seat provides lasting comfort and...

Spectrum with 500 Seat

Spectrum with Armrests and Polished Base

Spectrum with Armrests


This smart mesh back duo provides meeting and ergonomic seating solutions for the contemporary office. Media Meeting is a comfortable and functional meeting chair with modern aesthetics. The...

Media Ergo Back

Media Ergo Head Rest

Media Meeting


A distinctive chair designed for meetings and workstation seating. Aesthetics and comfort come together in Edge. Superb levels of comfort and support are achieved within the sleek outline of...

Edge with Arms and Chrome Base

Edge Leather Chrome Base

Edge Mid Back


The operator chair with sizing and comfort to suit today's business world. Arena takes the prize for size and comfort. Two generous backrests provide real upper back and shoulder support, as...

Arena -50

Arena with Armrests and Polished Base


The versatile task chair that brings ergonomic values within the reach of everyone. Tag chairs are made to order, with a range of options to suit almost any sit-work situation. Featuring a...

Tag 1.30

Tag Hi Lift

Tag Hi Lift