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Simple contemporary task seating for today's diverse workplace situations.

Swatch offers sophisticated comfort and easy ergonomic adjustability, at a pricepoint. Its compact sizing and new-classic styling mean Swatch will fit wherever you work.


The Swatch range includes Gaslift Seat adjustment and Ratchet Back Height Adjustment as standard

Swatch 2.40
  • 2-lever mechanism: back angle adjustment
  • 40 back: 410mm high
Swatch 3.40
  • 3-lever mechanism: back and seat angle adjustments
  • 40 back: 410mm high
Swatch 2.50
  • 2-lever mechanism: back angle adjustment
  • 50 back: 510mm high
Swatch 3.50
  • 3-lever mechanism: back and seat angle adjustments
  • 50 back: 510mm high



  Mechanism Back Height Seat Width Seat Depth
Swatch 2.40 2-Lever 410 mm 480 mm 460 mm
Swatch 3.40 3-Lever 410 mm 480 mm 460 mm
Swatch 2.50 2-Lever 510 mm 480 mm 460 mm
Swatch 3.50 3-Lever 510 mm 480 mm 460 mm


  • Polished Aluminium Base
  • High Lift
  • Height Adjustable Arm Rests
  • Upholstered Back Outer


The Manufacturer accepts full responsibility for faulty workmanship and/or mechanical failure on their chairs under normal commercial use, for the stated warranty term.
Chair parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge within this period. All warranty related costs will be covered by our manufacturer. They can arrange freight within New Zealand and where we do so, we will cover the freight charges.

The warranty applies from the date of despatch from the factory. Date of despatch is located on a label beneath the chair seat.
Repairs undertaken by any other party, or adjustment or tampering with mechanical parts could void the warranty.

Normal commercial use is understood to be 8-10 hours per day. For 24-hour or extensive use situations a limited-term warranty applies – please enquire.

Please contact for further information regarding warranty details on in the unlikely event of of a fault.

Manufactured in New Zealand using New Zealand Products and Internationally Sourced Components
5-year warranty for normal office use

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